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Covr Financial Technologies –Simplicity. Choice. Speed.

Covr Financial Technologies was born as the digital arm of National Brokerage, a traditional brokerage firm based in Boise, Idaho. Selling life insurance was a cumbersome, time-consuming process, and Covr's founders set out to change that.

By 2014, National Brokerage was recognized as a leading force in financial technology with what was then known as 1-Click Coverage, which offered instant-issue term life insurance that could be approved or denied online immediately. Over the next couple of years, 1-Click evolved into Covr, the leading VC-backed insurtech it is today.

Covr's mission wasn't only about speed. Where Covr’s competitors tended to operate in silos, only partnering with one insurance carrier, Covr today partners with more than 30 of the country’s leading insurance providers, giving customers an unparalleled choice of products. Because consumers tend to trust their current financial institution when buying protection products, it's a win for all - advisors, consumers and carriers alike benefit from the Covr platform’s ability to offer multiple products in a white-labeled solution.

Today, Covr continues to grow and evolve, revolutionizing the life insurance industry with its unique combination of choice, speed and simplicity.

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