Covr Financial Technologies

Simplifying life insurance with digital innovation

An easier way for financial institutions to offer life insurance

Covr is changing the way life insurance is sold with an innovative, digital life insurance platform. We partner with financial institutions to provide life insurance solutions to their customers in an efficient, easy way that streamlines the process of selling and buying policies. Covr offers a choice of trusted life insurance products from leading insurance carriers, an easy way to compare rates, and the ability to purchase policies within minutes. Through its white label solutions, Covr helps financial institutions deliver a great experience under an existing brand their customers already trust.


Covr is the only digitally enabled brokerage general agency (BGA) that can provide a full, turn key solution for life, long-term care and disability insurance for financial institutions, their advisors and their customers.


Covr’s ongoing commitment to innovation and our focus on digital engagement in areas such as predictive analytics, compliance tracking and policy aggregation continue to transform the life insurance industry.


Covr Financial Technologies: Leading, transforming, and improving life insurance through digital innovation.

"With Covr, the process is much simpler: You just go in, fill out some simple questions, and you're done."


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