Financial Institutions

Financial institutions that partner with Covr provide a quick and simple way to buy life insurance, delivered to customers with the institutions’ look and feel.

Financial Advisors

Using the Covr platform, Financial Advisors can expand their customers’ financial plans and deepen relationships. Our technology makes it effortless for Financial Advisors to offer and sell life insurance products.


Covr's life insurance technology bridges the “difficulty gap” that prevents consumers from buying the protection they need. Covr provides an efficient way to buy the right insurance products to protect individuals and their loved ones.

Insurance Carriers

Covr technology provides access to a digital insurance market that serves a nation of ready-to-buy customers. Its easy-to-use digital ecosystem improves distribution efficiencies for carriers.

"Our partnership with Covr has given us a new way to think about our life insurance business. The Covr solution has simplified the entire process for everyone involved. We now have a way to broaden the financial discussion we have with our loyal customers to help them protect what matters most in their lives."
- Head of Insurance, Leading US Credit Union

Our Core Solution: A Digital Insurance Platform

The Covr technology platform is designed to meet the goals of financial institutions, financial advisors, and the customers they serve.

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Covr expertly guides and advises you and your customers throughout the buying process. No calls required. No hassles.


Your customers can purchase insurance in just minutes.


The Covr platform supports the customer life insurance cycle from needs analysis to policy delivery.

Open architecture

Market neutrality ensures choice and access to products you and your customers want.

Additional Ways for Your Business to Succeed

Streamline your business processes and optimize revenue streams.

Insurance Services

Even a digital solution needs the human touch at times. That’s why Covr’s digital life insurance platform is a full-service insurance-services and brokerage business. A knowledgeable team stands by to assist in:

  • Sales support
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Case management
  • Learning and training

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Financial Planning

Covr recognizes that a comprehensive financial plan must include protection planning. Through Covr’s financial planning solution, institutions can seamlessly integrate data and insights from a client plan with an insurance transaction. Covr’s partnership with market-leader MoneyGuidePro is one example of this integration–a digital solution that allows advisors and their clients execute on the plan’s insurance recommendation in just a few clicks.

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Policy Insights

Through Covr Policy Insights, we provide your financial institution a comprehensive view of your in-force policies, including key notifications that will allow you to actively identify sales opportunities or specific risks within your insurance book of business. Using sophisticated analytics, Policy Insights continuously monitors across your in-force book of business to identify upcoming policy events such as:

  • End of level or conversion periods
  • New premiums
  • Changes in policy details or changes in beneficiaries

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Covr Advantages. Simple to See.


Marketing, products, customer support, processing transactions, and more, are fully automated in the Covr life insurance technology platform.


Covr technology captures and delivers industry knowledge and product information for the benefit of our financial partners and their customers.


Digital has revolutionized and simplified everything from music to shopping. And, now, through Covr, life insurance.